is an international freight forwarding company in South Korea aiming to provide the most effective logistics solutions for each of our customer.

 Air and ocean freight shipping, inland trucking, packing and crating, customs clearance,cargo coordination and documentation and more... Our services cover the whole supply chain,offering comprehensive logistics solutions to our clients' individual needs and preferences.

 BK SEA&AIR LOGISTICS retains trained and licensed staff to consult customs duties and suggest competitive cost reduction strategies throughout logistics process.



 We have established partnerships with acclaimed global agents to address on-time delivery,safe delivery and cost minimization.

 BK positions not only as logistics agency but as trade consultancy offering professional consulting service on multiple issues in today's dynamic trade environment.(providing information on enacted or revisioned trade-related laws,opening L/C,documentation of trade contracts and related papers, consulting foreign currency remittance-related laws, consulting intermediate trade and logistics relayig three different countries, acquiring export or import license,etc)

 We 're committed to accomplish our tasks because we believe... Your cargo is not a simple cargo.It's your passion and dream wanting to reach every corner of the globe and we're messenger of that precious aspiration.

 So ride on us,our expertise and sincerity from your tiny step to giant leap. Enjoy our thorough and reliable services in such comfort of working with your co-worker in your own office.Thank you.

General manager/ Director /Customs broker Mr.Kyle Kim(Jeong Hwan Kim)

China Office General manager / Ms.Total Hu