Seoul head office
 2Fl. 58, Shinchon-Ro, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea 04057
 Tel : 02-714-7485(ref.)
 fax : 02-714-7486(ref.) 02-714-7466

Busan branch office
 403 Hyodong Bldg. 16, Chungjangdae-Ro 9 Bungil, Jung-Gu, Busan, Korea

Incheon int'l airport office
 332 C-Dong, Waehangsa Terminal, 2165-5, Wunseo-Dong, Inchon, Korea

Incheon ocean port breanch office
 2F MD building, 118, Jemullyang-ro, Jung-Gu, Inchon, Korea

Guangzhou, China office - GUANGZHOU BK-TRANS LOGISTICS CO.,LTD.(广国际货运)
Room 302,Huijing Building,No.113 Guangzhou Dadaozhong,Guangzhou,China
Tel.:020-87371638 Fax: 020-87378529

BRANCH GENERAL  MANAGER : MS TOTAL HU (C.P : 15820294243)  QQ:1142523929(wechat),
Document department ,QQ:2694672861,
Operating department ,QQ:2113721984,

Interrelated customs clearance corp.

 BK SEA&AIR LOGISTICS has affiliate customs brokerages in the following areas,establishing
nation-wide network to realize speedy and efficient customs clearance.With Below
Customs Clearance Corp.Joint task force team's in operation to coordinate optimal
logistics and clearance procedures.

< Incheon Int'l Airport ,Incheon Port,Seoul >
KN Clearance Corp.
P.I.C. : customs broker Mr.Hyuk Kwon.

< Seoul,Chungchung province(Cheongju,Chungju,Daejeon,Pyungtaek,Daesan) >
International Trading Customs Clearance Corp.
P.I.C. : Customs broker,Ms.Namgil Sung

< Youngnam Province(Daegu,Busan) >
Saekwang Customs Clearance Corp.
P.I.C. : senior manager,Uei jun Jeong

Consultant staff

trade contract,L/C,logistics,commodity classification,whole logistic consulting,quotation:
General manager/ Director /Customs broker Mr.Kyle Kim(Jeong Hwan Kim)
e-mail :
Ocean Export,special cargo
operation manager Mr.Jason Song
e-mail :
Air export/import part consulting
operation chief manager Mr.Dicky Jeon
e-mail :
ocean import part consulting
operation Assistant manager. Ms.Pia Kim
e-mail :
air/ocean import/export,foreign communication
coordination manager Ms. Irene Kim
e-mail :
foreign currency,customs laws,duty abatement,litigation
customs broker / Director Mr.Kyle Kim
customs clearance,customs drawback,other clearance related matters
customs broker Ms. Namkil Sung
e-mail :